After buying my ultrawide angle lens and taking it out a few times, I wanted to improve my skills in taking night-time/cityscape photo’s a bit more, so I searched for a workshop online and found an interesting one in Rotterdam.

We gathered at Hotel New York on the Holland Amerikakade. After a quick drink and a few pointers on how to setup your camera we went out. Our first stop was the south side of the Rijnharbour. Here we got a great view of the floating pavilion and the other buildings on the other side. We set up our gear and got some more practical focusing tips on how to get that razor sharp image. We took our time shooting some photo’s and practicing while we waited for the daylight to fade. Once light was perfect I got a few great shot, like the one below.


Then it was on to the the next spot. This time I set up a lot closer to the pavilion, I even managed to get in the Erasmusbrigde. I used the accessramps to the pavilion a leading lines in the picture. By this time I was really loving the results my new lens was giving me and how much I could get into the frame. Seeing the in-camera results, I knew I had made the right choice.

Floating PavilionThe floating pavillion

Then it was onto the Erasmusbridge, we had a great spot near the KPN building. Due to the long exposuretimes the moving clouds added a painterly effect which added to the atmophere.

Erasmus bridgeDSC_0388-Edit

From another angleDSC_0406-Edit

Holland AmerikakadeDSC_0400-Edit

After we weere finished we headed back to Hotel New York and got a well deserved hot chocolate drink to warm ourselves.  To finish the workshop we got some pointers how to edit the shots with Lightroom and Photoshop to get the most out of the images. I learned more that day in Rotterdam, than during a whole year of shooting on my own.