Easter Monday marked the opening of the latest park in Nijmegen called the “Rivierpark”. This park is the final result of latest high water protection for the city Nijmegen.

The River Waal narrows into a bootleneck and makes a sharp bend at Nijmegen. This caused the Waal to flood in 1993 and 1995. To protect Nijmegen from high water and future flooding, the dike at Nijmegen-Lent side was moved 350m north. By doing this, a 4km long gully was created to increase the capacity at Nijmegen  and relieve pressure at the Waalkade on the other bank.  It was named Spiegelwaal.

rivierpark(photocredit: Johan Roerink/Aeropicture)

The created island Veur Lent , the Spiegelwaal and the embankment Lentse Warande are all part of the Rivierpark. To get the island connected to the rest of Nijmegen three bridges were created. All these elements make the new park a great location for a photowalk. Below small selection of shots taken at the new park.

Spiegelwaal and railway embankment

underside of the extended Waalbridge


Lentse Warande

Lenste Warande

b&w render