I was granted an early view of a new housing project called the Nimbus in Nijmegen. It was almost finished and ready for rental. It’s a 76m high building with 116 rental apartments on 23 stories. It is the highest residential tower and 3rd highest building in Nijmegen.

Nimbus Building

The trip was organized by Instawalk024, an Instagram/Facebook group that regularly goes out on photo-walks in the Nijmegen area.


We got a guided tour from the building-site manager. He led us strait to the lift and on to the 20th floor. Here we took a quick look at one of the apartments and the view it had over the city. It was then on to the roof and this was what I was waiting for. An unobstructed view over Nijmegen. I decided to make a panorama of Nijmegen and the river Waal so I made 7 or 8 shots so I could stitch them together later in Adobe Lightroom. You can see the resilt below. I also made a photo looking in the direction of the Keizer Karel Plein.
After that we went to the lower wing of the building where we took some more photo’s. Below you can see a small selection.

Nijmegen and the river Waal.


Keizer Karel Plein.

Keizer karel Plein

 Looking up through the balconies


Lets take a ride.